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are flying and other areas reason too bad. 60s and low 70s. mid-70s in southern maryland and high temperatures today look like they are in the 90s. these are record-breaking temperatures but better over the weekend. that is coming up. right now traffic for you. begin with a wide view of the area. look at where you live. a lot of green on the maps. that tells us that drivers are moving at speed. 95 northbound you are all clear. route 1 to the mixing bowl, all clear. 95 and bw parkway smooth sailing from 198 to powder mill. 270 southbound. we are stacking up a bit. starting to approach that 109 area making your way to germantown road. and finally wrap it up with dc 295, no problems from the beltway to the 11th street bridge. this is a live shot at eastern avenue. back to you. right now we are following
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breaking news along the border of southeast washington in prince georges county. police are searching for carjacking suspects who fired their guns at police. there was a carjacking this morning in suitland, maryland. police chased the suspects in to the district and that's where they shot at the officers. no one was hurt. two are in custody right now but the manhunt is not over. we are keeping an eye on this for you and of course we will bring you any updates as we get them. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. the chesapeake gets right side for its pollution diet. the virallal protection agency will release its plan to clean the bay. it will require major action from maryland and virginia. troubled hollywood star lindsay lohan is due in court. she admitted last week she failed a drug test and that could result in her heading back to jail. comedian stephen colbert heads to captiol hill today. he will testify before a house committee on immigration
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reform. a spokeswoman says he is serious. this isn't a stunt. also people in one northern virginia commune will begin to pick up thank you the pieces their lives and homes were ruined by a fire. the neighborhood is in manassas near summer lake. kristin fisher is live with the story. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you neophytes are still working to out -- firefighters are still working to put out a few hot spots but the bulk of the fire is out but not before three moments were destroyed anding aseverely damaged. the fire started at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors say they heard a very loud bang and then saw two houses quickly engulf in flames. then those flames spread to a third, fourth, eight houses total. neighbors say it looked like dominoes falling. the flames were so powerful it carried embers 350-yards away,
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threatening other homes. the plumes of smoke were so thick and heavy that many people driving home to manassas after work thought a plane had crashed. >> i saw five plumes separate. and i thought, man -- i know the airport is there and everything. and we have great security here. incredibly nobody was inside of the homes when the fire broke out. a few people were transported to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. for the most part everybody is okay but sadly inside of one home there were several dogs and cats and unfortunately all of them were killed. but, you know, andrea, for the most part the bulk of the fire was put out last night and it's amazing how thick the smell of motor vehicle is still in the air -- smell of smoke is still in the air and as neighbors
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wake up they are marveling how impressive the scent of the smoke is lingering this long after. >> utter devastation. so many people out of their homes this morning. where are they this morning. >> a lot of them are either staying with families or in hotels. the red cross was generous, as it always is, they were here all last night working with these families to get them taken care of and if these families did not have family or friends to stay with then the red cross made sure they had a hotel to go to for the night. >> thank you. forest time in over a century virginia put to death a female convict. a department of corrections spokesman made the official announce 9:15 last night. >> theresa lewis has been carried out in the manner prescribed by the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. >> reporter: teresa lewis was
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executed for hording the murders of her husband and stepson in 2002. the first woman executed in the united states if five years. a witness describes what happened just before the execution. >> she did look scared. she looked frightened and nervous and she was definitely looking quickly around to assess who was there and probably trying to get ready for what was about to happen. >> reporter: lewis was killed by lethal injection. the big sit down between dc's presumptive next mayor and the current school's chancellor yielded no big results that we know about. vincent gray and michelle rhee met face to face yesterday. the meeting lasted 90 minutes. gray did not say whether rhee will stay or go. in fact he said there was no decision made. it was just a discussion about education. >> i think one thing we both fervently agree on is we want the best for our kids in the district of columbia.
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we will continue to have discussions about the future of our schools in the city. >> reporter: chancellor rhee did not make any comments after the meeting. time for a "living $mart" report. we check in with jessica doyle. it's time for friday get aaways. just because summer is over doesn't mean you condition take a vacation. this morning tips on finding a fall deal. i'm joined by mary beth, the gutsy traveler. thanks for joining us this morning. why is this a good time to find a deal? >> thank you. this is a great time to find a deal because some of the best deals for fall out there right now are all inclusive packages. you won't be nickeled and dimed by tips, meals, hotel transfers, think tax on a hotel. you will know what you will spend before you go. >> this is called shoulder season for a lot of the travel industry. where will travelers fine some of the best deals right now? >> the most important thing is to do your research.
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there are deals. look on line. for instance, beaches, resorts, the caribbean, they are having up to 85% off of family -- travel for families fall. and they have launched new programs for families that have to do with sesame street and martha stew were and i have seen cruise lines on-line also that have good deals even for christmas. >> looking ahead to the travel season for the holidays, what should travelers expect in terms of prices. >> you will see people booking at this last minute but not for air and if you are taking a road trip prepare in advance. >> great thoughts. thanks for joining us and sharing these deals. >> thank you. happy travels. to get more tips, go to and get a link to her website by looking under the 9 news extras tab. still to come, health dangers you face inside the
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hospital. in three minutes a look at the common things that can go wrong and how local doctors are taking steps to keep you safe. right now it is our daily focus on maryland's weather and traffic. we begin with howard. >> in maryland closer to the bay in anne arundel, montgomery, prince georges county we have i believe visibilities down to a quarter mile. watch for that patchy dense fog which will be an the next one two two hours. we start in the 80s and low 70s with fog east. we will warm up fairly quickly. by lunchtime, with mostly sunny skies, 88 camp springs. 91 frederick. 7 hagerstown. many ears in the mid-90s likely to set some records. angie? >> got a couple of shots for you, maryland beginning with a look at the beltway. the inand outer loop east of 270, everyone is clearly moving at speed. as we move over to georgia avenue and wayne.
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volume is building but no discount to or. and u.s. 29 and fair land a good amount of traffic here but pretty much free moving. tgif. you are watching 9 news now.
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this the cdc estimates .7 million people a year are sickened and 100,000 are killed in hospitals each year. mark bennett checked in to a hospital with a virus and within days was infected with a
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bacteria. >> i stood with my dad and told him i loved him forever. he died. bruce leshan spoke to a doctor at johns hopkins in baltimore who has been able to drive down one infection to zero with a simple to do list for fors and nurses. >> we need this checklist. it is an item that we check off to make sure that doctors adhere to each step of the procedure one of the things is something that weren't stocked and there are a number of supplies. so we have are a cart that makes sure we have all the equipment that we need. so here we have caps that i would put on my head. masks i would put on. i have gloves and then i have the actual kit to place the catheter all stored in one place. have i washed my hands before placing this? have i placed a cap, gown, mask an sterile gloves on? these are all the equipment
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needed to make sure that i'm sterile. and then what you do is you would get a sterile gown and lay it over the patient so they are sterile. and then do the catheter. >> they sound like simple steps before the checklist only a third of doctors were doing them. the checklist is being rolled out at hospitals across the country including in more, the district and virginia. he estimates the steps could save 31,000 lives a year. on this friday morning, here's what is in the news now. president obama wraps up meetings today at the united nations. thursday he called on world leaders to work together on the middle east peace deal. the warned failure would mean more violence think american u.n. delegation walked out during a peach by iran's president. mahmoud ahmadinejad speculated americans were behind the september 11th terror attacks.
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house republicans have unveiled their pledge to america. during a visit to sterling, virginia, the gop promised to cut spending, extend tax cuts an bring jobs if they win the house in november. howard is here with record heat and fog. >> fog is happening east of washington and not that far east, queen anne's county, no pre-k this morning and 90 minute delays. and then off to the races temperature-wise as we look at highs 20 degrees above average. average is 77. your bus stop forecast this morning, it's warm and muggy. in areas we have patchy dense fog. a quarter in college park and an trues. 60s and 70s to start. with a launching point in time there, we will go to the 90s in many areas. there's the visibles down to 2 1/2 in culpeper and manassas.
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as you go knot and east of town this is where things get bad in gaithersburg. baltimore is down to an 8th. quarter mile at andrews. over to cambridge, back over to parts of delaware dealing with the fog. shenandoah valley looking good. also south of washington an southern many many looking okay. temperature-wise we warm from the upper 70s at 9:00 to the 90- degree mark here in washington. and 93 for the drive home. today's highs t 2 -- 92 to 97. the record high is 94. could see an isolated shower and that's for the mountains. mid-60s to low 70s by saturday morning. southwest winds will turn west northwesterly behind the front. just a chance of a stray shower well south of town. southern maryland, northern neck, fredericksburg, richmond, you have got that chance of a shower in the afternoon. cooler with highs of 85 and cooler on sunday. we will be in the 70s.
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this morning, it is fairly quiet. a few high clouds in pennsylvania and northern maryland passing through the region and temperatures are up. 73 winchester. 73 at national. culpeper 64. with some of that fog not far from easton they are 66. gaithers before 68. we are starting off mild today with a dew point at 70. so the low level moisture come in. south winds at 6:00 and with the longer nights it's easy to condense it out in the form of fog. shower and thunderstorms you see them to chicago and st. louis. that's with the cold front that will be moving east. and it will take the hot weather across the ohio, tennessee valley and get it out of here. it will be here late tonight, early tomorrow morning. you see it marching east throughout the day. late tonight, we starting to watch it here. we stop this by saturday afternoon. the front to the south and east. a couple of showers but this thing will leave and by sunday morning looking at an area of low pressure to she south and east that could bring us
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showers. it will cool us off. this is matthew. 50 miles an hour. this intensifying but it will go near nicaragua and honduras the next couple of days. the big problem is if it gees stronger and how long does it linger over the yucatan with devastating rainfall and in the gulf next week and strengthen over the gulf of mexico. matthew, one to watch. 85 tomorrow. sunday 73. late showers on sunday. showers on monday and a couple of showers and storms on tuesday. 70s to around 80. good morning, angie. >> hello. hello. happy friday. we want to begin in southeast dc and let you know about ongoing police activity. you want to avoid anywhere around minnesota avenue m place and f street. take it over to 66 eastbound. things are starting to slow down here. a lot of taillights between route 50 and 123. we are also tracking the trip
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on 270 heading southbound. no problems to report but the delay is here from 109 past this point to 118 germantown road. next stop, back to the maps. we zoom in to route 4, route 5 and 301 crane highway. usual volume. no major tieups to report. ending with a look at inbound new york avenue. nothing but volume and congestion past this point a bladensburg road. over to you. our time is 6:17. you're safer today on metro than the day of the deadly red line crash. that's the finding 0 the ntsb. the chairwoman says het metro took the ntsb's safety advice to heart. >> i believe the metro board was very willing to listen to the safety board after our report was concluded and they have taken many of those
6:18 am
lessons to heart and have beginning to make improvements that are long overdue. >> reporter: the june crash was blamed on a failure in the track circuits, among other things. the crash killed nine people and injured dozens more. redskins fans, the redskins are holding a blood drive at the holiday inn at 550 c street in southwest. all donors will get one tick to an upcoming redskins game. you need to make an appoint in time to check out the page on find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip? we want to heary you. contact us and be part of the team. it is 6:19. up next in sports more on sunday's redskins game. learn who's coming back from injuries to take on the rams.
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great defensive plays on thursday for the nationals. in four minutes who came up big at the plate. we'll be right back. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
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good morning. haynesworth practiced and should be good to go for the game. williams says he hopes to return later today. moore who missed this first two games of the season following knee surgery says he's 100% healthy and set to return against the rams. given the eggs the redskins secondary laid in the second half last sunday not a moment too soon. kareem, how long have you been dreaming about the comeback. >> all day and night.
6:23 am
i want to go out and play and get back with the guys. >> he has a feel of coverages and when to break. you have it back there when you are deep or you don't. he's a play maker. >> reporter: nats and astros, zimmerman out with strained ribs but morse was feeling fine. he had a home run on wednesday and another on thursday. his 13th of the year. in the sixth, same guy, michael morse drills that down the line and left. desmond scores from first as the nats win their third straight game. 7-2. that's a quick look at ports. i'm brett haber. have a great friday, everybody. still to come the best songs to play to make sure your car stereo is working properly. and montgomery county police chief waiting tables? no he is not moon lighting learn why he is taking orders. and howard tells us how hot it will get when 9 news now
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at with police that can
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protect and serve. montgomery county police chief tom manger and several of his officers waited tables at joe's crab shack in gaithersburg. they teamed up with special olympic athletes raising money for the maryland squad. thank you for starting your friday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with a sticky, hot forecast for today. >> the muggies are back. steamy this morning. dew points 70. a lot of low-level moisture and while it is partly cloudy here, we have problems with fog. all the areas in yellow the visibility to the west. it is improving in manassas. culpeper a quarter mile. a quarter mile at andrews, college park, air park montgomery county zero visibility. across the bay a quarter mile in cambridge. no pre-k due to the fog in
6:29 am
queen anne county. cooler over the week. rise and shine, everybody. looks like we made it half way through the 6:00 hour. looking good across the map. take it outside and show you 270. slow 109 to montross road. on the outer loop, show you the live conditions here a new hampshire avenue. we moving nicely. in virginia route 7 eastbound. you are traveling just fine. i want you to know that flying the dulles toll road, 267 is nice, clean and green making your way from the greenway to tysons corner. back to you. coming up on 6:30, breaking news, police in dc and maryland are lacking for a carjacking suspect. the suspect is among a group that fired shots at police. authorities chased the suspects to the district and that's where the shots were fired at
6:30 am
the officers. in one was hurt. two people are in custody right now but the manhunt isn't over as police search for one more person. part of a manassas, virginia, neighborhood lies in ruin this morning. three homes were damage destroyed an others damaged by a fire. sky 9 was over the scene a few hours ago and you can see how widespread the damage is. kristin fisher has the latest on the people affected. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. there were so many families affected by the fire. they are either staying with family members or put up in hotels by the red cross. in total three homes destroyed, eight more damaged. you can smell thick scent of smoke in the air as firefighters work to put out any hot spots. this fire started 3:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors say they heard a loud bang and then they saw two houses quickly engulfed in flames. the flames spread to a third
6:31 am
and fourth house. eight houses total. neighbors say it looked like dominoes falling. incredibly no one was inside the homes when the fire broke out. a few people did have to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. for the most part everyone is okay. a few pets, furtherly. self cats and dogs were trapped inside of one of the homes. they were all killed. firefighters are trying to determine exactly what caused this fire. but the big problem they had when they were battling the blaze is the phak that these homes are so close together that the fire was literally leaping from one house to the next. take a listen to what this one firefighter on the scene had to say. >> the rate of flames red in homes when they are this close is a concern to us and we attempt to provide coach as best we can. furtherly, when you look at the lightweight construction it presents a unique challenge for us. >> reporter: one thing firefighters will be looking in
6:32 am
to in the investigation as it cons is whether or not there were code violations because again these homes are close together. that is something the firefighters will be looking at going forward. >> thank you. for the first time in over a century, virginia has executed a woman. theresa lewis was killed last night by lethal injection. >> death was pronounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. miss lewis did make a last statement. she said i just want kathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry. >> reporter: lewis was peeking to kathy clifton. her father and brother were killed in 2002. a 14-year-old boy hit by a metro utility vehicle last night. it happened at 16th and east west highway in silver spring. police tell 9 news his injury
6:33 am
are not life-threatening. no word if any charges will be filed. do you think you could have a half billion dollars lying an and not realize it? the virginia department of transportation apparently could. an audit made public on thursday shows vdot had a hundred million dollars it didn't know about. that money sat while people were laid off, projects sidetracked and rest stops closed. governor kaine cites his fiscal policies for restoring funding, current governor mcdonnell disagrees. >> my conclusion is that the the previous administration, vdot administration made bad management decisions. >> reporter: the governor wants the newly found money to be pushed out the door and wants to fund projects underway or in the pipeline as soon as possible. jessica doyle is back with another living smart report. you have a look at new local home prices.
6:34 am
>> good news, bad news story. it is friday and so we will do the good news first. homes in the washington area are selling for more than last year. the national association of realtors reports that local prices are up 5.4% from a year ago for the monday of august. the median price $345,000. that was the third best gain in 20 markets tracked. here's the bad news. sales volume is down 9.7% as it rose 7.6% nationwide. facebook is working on two cell phones that could be carried by at&t. the phones are due out in the fist half of 2011 and in the u.s. zest in the second half. a fourth of facebook's 500 million users log on from wireless did vices. remember greed is good. michael douglas ' famous line from wall street. there are five wall street
6:35 am
movies opening this month. one film analyst says partners at "usa today" at a time when people are losing their jobs she doesn't seem to think a that that a lot of people will want to see movies about people losing their jobs. >> i think a lot of people will want to go to see michael douglas. that will be good. very good. do you hear this song? ♪ waited until i saw the sun >> you know that song. don't know why by aurora jones. according to matt coast it is the best song to test your car stereo. he says her song is natural and centered and also tops is hotel california because of the opening guitar solo and boom boom p.o.w. by the black eyed peas will get the base going. get the top ten at
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got favorite songs you like to listen to. >> boom boom p.o.w. happens to be the favorite song more my daughter. >> sometimes i have to go to the classical station to chill out. >> up next, two great weekend evens in six minutes. a great place to save money and in 12 minutes a preview of the national boost book festival tomorrow on the national mall. right now howard bernstein has the focus on virginia's weather and traffic. >> a warm, muggy morning across virginia. charlie in catlett said it felt like a warm august night last night and we have muggies this morning. a touch of fog between culpeper an manassas. what we are expecting today is any low clouds and fog to burn off quickly and then we are off. temperatures will soar rather quickly to the 70s by 9:00. mid-70s. lunchtime temperatures already in the low 90s.
6:37 am
topping off in some areas mid- 90s for highs. records on the way. let's look at a couple of delayst delays in virginia. begin with the inner loop. looks like we are slow between braddock road and 66. no problems along the way. moving to 395 northbound. we are clearly below speed. stacking up from duke to king street. and we will end with a look at lee highway. this is at the intersection or where it meets military road or actually this is 495 at robinson terminal. but both roadways. they are clear. we are exciting to help kick off the weekend. it is friday. the time is 37. we'll be right back.
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oh my baby. this weekend there's a great event for parches anemonols to be a community consignment even that can save you big money.
6:42 am
to tell us about it i'm joined by susan gill with just between friends and trying to prepare for a baby, everyone is trying to do it without breaking the bank. this is a perfect opportunity. >> it is a great opportunity to save money, recycle and turn your items over so other people can use them. it is a great opportunity. >> we are not just talking clothes. off couple of examples of the type of things you are selling. >> anything kid related from when you are pregnant we have maternity stuff newborn to teen, furniture to bottles to shoes to about anything kid related. we have it there. >> looking at this, some of these items gently used and others are new with tags on them. >> yes. i looked last night. the sales floor is set up and a lot of items with tags.
6:43 am
here's an example. some boots that sell for 39 still has the tag on it. they are selling for 14. >> adorable polo snow boots. this will be the best dressed baby when the snow comes back, right? look at those. and these are going for 15 bucks. >> uh-huh. >> how great. >> and maternity wear as well. >> we is some essentials. we have the burst oppy. you can never have too many. it is a great thing. you can never have too many. that is $9. >> that's a deal. >> little floor activity set, sometimes sell up to 65 to $70. i think that one down there is $6. >> this is going in in loudoun county. it is local. anyone can come. it is going on over the weekend. for than 40,000 items i believe will be there. we will take a look at the event. it starts today. it is actually the presale for new moms, is that right? >> this evening is the military can get in with a military i.d.
6:44 am
free of charge and 8:30 we have first-time parents that can get in. we like for registration but we will take registration at the door. >> just between friends. we will have the information available on-line, go to thank you for joining us. howard, over to you. >> all right. we have fog to worry about, especially east of washington. to our north, our east that's where it is rather thick this morning. patchy dense fog with visibilities a quarter mile at the air park in gaithersburg. half mile frederick and 1/8 of a mile to the west a touch of fog but not as bad or extensive as to the north and east this morning. as far as the bus stop forecast, we do have warm and muggy conditions with patches of fog.
6:45 am
sun is coming up in 10 to 15 minutes depending where you are across the region. 78 by 9:00. 90 at noon. breezy and hot, very hot. 93 for the drive home. likely to set some records. 94 is the record at national. 92 at dulles. an isolated shower toward morning in the mountains with the front. 85 to 73. and then a better day tomorrow. partly to mostly sunny. a stray afternoon shower well south of town. i'm talking fredericksburg, the northern neck, richmond, those areas. highs of 85 and cooler on sunday. we are in the low 70s here in town. over to ocean city, atlantic city 70. cooler in the mountains. they are in the 60s. cumberland is 61. locally we have the fog and 68 in gaithersburg. 66 sterling. manassas you are down to 63 with the fog there. 72 college park and 66 coming in right now at ft. belvoir. national 73. partly cloudy. winds south at six and a very
6:46 am
muggy dew point of 70 degrees and what will save us from the heat is this line of showers and storms. this is a front. it will arrive tomorrow morning and sweep through the region and bring us big changes by the time we get to sunday and monday. 95 record setting degrees. could be a late shower on sunday and some showers return on monday, tuesday and maybe in to wednesday keeping us in the 70s to 80. here's a mom to be an you. >> thank you, howard. right now looks like our main alert is from southeast dc. minnesota avenue and m place. you want to avoid the area because of an ongoing police investigation. moving to our cameras. 66 eastbound no incidents or accidents here. we are keeping an eye on the inner and outer loop where the fog is rolling through. a slow go is starting to build
6:47 am
and get bigger between 95 and georgia avenue. 270 southbound, main delay still from 109 stretching to montross road an wrapping up a live shot of traffic across the key bridge out of rosslyn. a good amount of con cession in to georgetown. back to you. our time is 6:47. bookworms will pack the national mall tomorrow for the tenth annual national book festival. to give us a preview we are joined by jennifer gavin with the library of congress. happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. good morning to you. we are very, very excited about this being ten years that we have been on the national mall and bringing this to the people. >> tell us about the people who are coming to this mall, the special authors you have attracting hundreds of thousands of people. >> we are going to be having 77 authors total. and they include such luminaries as johnathon
6:48 am
franzen, jane smiley. a big lineup of authors who write for young people and children, and of course many activities also so that people from the whole family can come and spend an interesting day here. >> it's a great time for family and everyone there, but what's the overall purpose of the festival? >> it is to promote the love of books and reading and literacy sly. of course we are preaching to the choir here a bit but with our children's activities, particularly, we are proud to be able to say that we probably have some young people at the festival this year who grew up with us. >> you know, jennifer, i have lead that people in places not far from the dc area are coming to take part in the festival and the library of congress is making it accessible for people who can't be on the mall or in the washington, d.c. area. tell us about that. >> well, it is almost an outreach of our overall digital
6:49 am
outreach to people all over the country, but our website, which is, one word, allows you to look at web casts of past bookfest authors presentations and this year we have short clips which are the greatest hits of past book festivals. well worth your while. you will find a lot of stuff there and we are on facebook and many places on the web. >> embracing the social network. it is a great time. sorry i won be with you this year. 130,000 plus will be there. and it is free. we have all of the information you need to know about the book festival on our website. look for the link at again, jennifer, happy anniversary. >> thank you so much. we look forward to seeing everyone there. >> you are welcome. 73 degrees here in northwest washington. a check on what is in the news
6:50 am
now is four minutes away. well, tonight we get the latest edition of high school game night report. campus correspondent play of the day is from clara from west potomac high school in alexandria. this is denzel hatch picking off the pass. the chargers from chantilly got the best of them. 85-16. high, high schoolers don't forget if you would like to become a campus correspondent you will get a free flip cam and a chance to win $5,000 scholarship. log on to dc.high school to apply. and we will see you with all the highlights tonight at 11:00.
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here's what is in the news this friday morning. congressional democrats are deciding not to decide when it comes to taxes. they tabled any action on ending or continuing the bush era tax cuts. any move will come after the november election. dc police made an arrest in the murder of a catholic university student. eric foreman will be charged as an adult for the shooting death. police say it was part of a robbery. you won't be able to run to catch the vre train. the conductors have been told to leave on time even if a passenger is running. riders are told to arrive five to ten minutes early. patchy fog will burn you have and heat up quickly. 93 for the drive home with record-setting highs in the mid to upper 90s. the weekend forecast along with angie's traffic when 9 news now
6:55 am
returns. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. we're back at 6:58. nascar drivers paying tribute to our troops. newman and biffle were among the drivers visiting walter reed on thursday. they met with troops who are recovering from injuries. there was plenty of time for picturing autographed and hugs. both the troops ' drivers called it a pick me up. speaking of the roads right now, southeast dc we still have police activity going on. minnesota avenue and m place. avoid the area if you can. 395, move outside northbound. slow from duke to king street. and in maryland, we are below speed on 270. crawling from 109 down to montross. a little bit of fog to deal with. please be careful.
6:59 am
howard? >> that's right. fog north and east of town. pretty dense the next hour or so. we will heat up quickly once that burns off. record setting today. look at the end of the weekend, low to mid-70s and shower and rain returning. i think especially on tuesday. >> we need that. as for wall street tough day yesterday. new economic data is coming out and could well determine where we end up for the week in stocks. the "early show" is next and they will have the facebook founder who donated $1 million to a needy district to counter act a bad movie coming up. the next news is at noon. get the news, weather and traffic at >> have a great weekend, everybody. oronoco o what to a midwest floogsd. a state of emerg i

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